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I changed my mind.

The Name Game


Do you know Lady Gaga’s real name? It’s Stefani Germanotta. In 2011 did you take notice when Terasen Gas became FortisBC Energy? Probably. People, and companies, change their names all the time; they do it for a lot of different reasons, and for those looking to maximize results sometimes

Ravi Bathe on Farmers as Entrepreneurs


Ravi Bathe doesn’t fit the stereotype of farmers. He has a business degree, spends more time in his mobile office or attending industry events than doing manual labour and makes a fashion statement with his shoes.

Pete Schouten: Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur


Pete Schouten was entrepreneurially hardwired from an early age. He shares what he’s learned in the course of launching his many business ventures such as Hardbite and Fraser Valley Biogas.

Kathy Smith on Building a Values Based Business


For as long as she can remember Silver Hills Bakery’ co-owner Kathy Smith has always been interested in health. We caught up with Kathy to ask her about the role your values should play in building a business.

How to Get Out of Your Own Way


By Les Mckeown Author of Predictable Success: Getting Your Organization On the Growth Track and Keeping It There