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I changed my mind.

How Do Job Applicants Experience Your Brand?


Most of us at some point have been in a position where we needed to find a company to work for. The process can be daunting. You search job sites and postings, talk with past colleagues, reach out to contacts, ask for referrals and research possible organizations that may

Executing the Plan – Why you Should Outsource Your Marketing

Outsource Your Marketing

First and foremost, businesses need marketing to generate results. They need warm leads and short-term sales bumps as well as longterm market share and increased profitability year over year. A key component to achieving this lies in developing a marketing plan; a strategic roadmap outlining key targets and strategic marketing steps needed to reach them.

The 3 Words that Focus Priorities

Adding Value

I’m not sure if themes or jargon or certain sayings of leaders exist in your organization, but they do in mine. A few years ago, “brand story” was a favourite as the idea that every brand needed a clear and compelling narrative order to stand out and be memorable.

Presenting: The Premiere Issue of CREW

CREW Magazine

I can still remember building the giant LEGO castle set my parents got me from my birthday when I was 10. I followed each step in the instructions and the results were better than expected. I didn’t disassemble it for months as it sat proudly on my dresser for

How High Achievers Should Vacation

High Achiever Vacation

Vacations are a waste of time. I know I shouldn’t think this. They’re a great time to connect with family, relax and recharge but for someone who is “on” 24/7 I find idle time difficult. I also love my work and don’t really want to unplug.

5 Rules to Winning a Negotiation


I’m a horrible negotiator…just ask the car salesman from my last car purchase. Or the dishwasher salesman who I gladly paid full price only to hear that friends of ours were able to get a better price from him.

Demystifying Digital: 10 Terms Defined in Plain English

Demystifying Digital

The digital world progresses at an astounding rate, and with it comes a new form of terminology to explain the processes and uses of technology – in this case, online marketing. We help you decipher the lingo that should be a part of your digital marketing plan.

How Good Brands Build Trust

Brand Loyalty

The value of a brand is ultimately determined when a company is sold. The intangibility of a brand’s value shows up on the balance sheet as goodwill and it is determined by how well the current market knows and understands the brand. Most importantly however, value is derived by