Great design is an integral component to a marketing strategy that gets results. We approach design from a strategic perspective, ensuring the visual elements of a promotional plan align with the look and personality of a company’s brand and provide a clear message that resonates with the target audience. Some of the design services we provide, include:

Brand Creation

In creating an effective brand, we consider all the factors that form a brand’s identity including features, benefits, emotional rewards and personality. This provides the foundation for designing the logo, business card and stationery of a brand, ensuring consistency in style, tone and message.

Website Design

We believe there are three keys to great website design – visually appealing, user-friendly and clear messaging. Within a few seconds of landing on a website, an individual should be able to determine what the purpose of the site is and the action they are supposed to take. A great looking website is a must for any organization.


Consumer packaged goods is where it all started for us and we’ve learned that it’s a cutthroat arena where getting noticed is as difficult as standing out in a room full of models. We approach packaging with a benefit-based focus to help differentiate your products from others.

Print Communication

While the online age has certainly altered the role of print media in marketing, it has not abolished it. There is always a place for beautifully designed and strategically messaged print communication. In fact, some of our most effective work has come in the form of a great print campaign coupled with an online call-to-action element.

Exhibits & Displays

Trade shows are a place to see and be seen. But with so many people in the same place at once, standing out from the pack is a challenge. With strategic and eye-catching display materials, we strive to help you maximize your participation in industry trade shows, exhibits and other events.