Giving Back

We’re proud to live in Canada and are passionate about giving back to those not as fortunate as we are. We strive to be a generous organization that actively pursues opportunities to help others in need. But at the end of the day, it’s our actions that speak louder than words and we encourage you to join us in our efforts.

Project we’re currently involved with:

Canuck Place, Extending Our Reach

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice is building a new campus in Abbotsford, BC to meet the growing need for pediatric palliative care for children living with life-threatening illnesses in BC.

FH Canada, Poverty Revolution

Overcoming poverty by empowering and assisting developing communities to find innovative and long-term solutions for a sustainable, poverty-free future. Join us in partnership with a developing community.

Abbotsford Rotary Club

Rotary has always been about leaders serving their communities and the world. We’re proud to be an active member and contributing practically to causes that change lives.

LeaderImpact Group

Hosting regular groups, events and even travelling to other countries to instruct, learn and encourage entrepreneurs while sharing the relevance of faith in our personal and professional lives.

Cowpower, Enhancing Your Electricity

We’re proud to say that our office is Cowpowered with renewable energy from innovative local farms. It’s an initiative we’ve helped shape and are proud to be a spokesman for it.

Abbotsford Christmas Bureau

As part of the Abbotsford Food Bank, the Christmas Bureau has been helping families in need during the holiday season for over 35 years. Through their Sponsor-a-Family Program, we were matched with a local family and able to bless them with food and gifts for Christmas – a cause we plan to support each year.