Our 8-Step Marketing Strategy was designed and developed by our founder Braden Douglas to provide medium sized organizations with a comprehensive strategy that covers the major functions of marketing while showing clear deliverables and return-on-investment. Each strategy is custom created for each client and the depth and cost of each strategy varies on size of the industry, category, geographic territory and organizational complexity. This framework allows us to deliver Fortune 500 marketing expertise, faster, and at a lower cost than a traditional consulting firm or hiring an in-house marketing director.

The 8-Step Marketing Strategy covers the following areas and involves research, tools, and frameworks within each stage.

If you feel your organization could benefit from a clear, compelling, and actionable strategy for your organization’s marketing, please contact us. There is a no fee consultation with one of our marketing professionals who will show you how this process and system has helped numerous organizations achieve great results and breakthrough to levels of effectiveness.

Once we understand your organizations need and situation, a detailed proposal is created and an official business relationship begins if the proposal is accepted. We believe in long lasting relationships where both parties feel there is value and a true partnership exists.