What We Do

We are a full-service marketing agency that specializes in delivering results-based marketing strategies to growing businesses and non-profit organizations across Canada. We have been growing incredibly fast because of our unique ability to combine skills that our clients desperately need to be successful.

We have two divisions inside Relevention, Marketing and Creative. Our marketing team is a talented and specialized group of marketers with years of relevant and practical experience at some of the most respected companies in Canada. They develop the key tactics, pricing strategies, business and consumer insights, benefit focus needs, budgets, and action plans that set the foundation for results.

Our marketing team then works closely with our creative team (designers, writers, videographers, photographers etc.) to bring those strategies to the market…on time, on budget. Our creative team is experienced in bringing marketing communication collateral to life.

This unique approach coupled with our internal processes and discipline, enables us to execute with lower budgets, track results more effectively, and respond to client needs extremely quickly.



For each client we work with we employ a 3-phase approach that focuses on one thing – getting results.

Phase 1 – Marketing Strategy Creation (4 – 8 weeks)

The Marketing Strategy Phase is the essential starting point for any project and where we employ our proven 8-step process. Through this process we analyze the clients and competitors product mix, target audience demo- and psychographics, price and market positioning and existing and new distribution channels. From this we determine the most effective course of action and lay the foundation for executing promotional activities and evaluating results through the launch phase. We develop a detailed promotional activity calendar, budget and ROI calculations for targeted and precise campaign execution in collaboration with the client.

Phase 2 – Launch and Execution (10 – 20 weeks)

In the execution phase, the approved strategy and promotional plan from Phase 1 are put into motion as we work towards a pre-determined launch date. It’s in this phase that we create all the supporting marketing collateral for a campaign including websites, brochures, ads and other sales material, ensuring alignment to the organization’s brand and positioning. We work closely with suppliers and our clients to execute projects on time and within budget.

Phase 3 – Marketing Management (On-going as needed)

The marketing activity calendar is a working document that changes according to the chosen monthly Key Performance Indicator report card. Phase 3 consists of ongoing marketing management; evaluating results and continually refining the strategy and action plan as needed. In this phase we function much like a client’s in-house marketing department would, providing pro-active and precise marketing consulting and management.



We’re either crazy or just very good to make such a claim but results are all that matter. Sure, we like to make a splash, have a great time and produce eye-popping creative, but if all that activity doesn’t lead to increased sales, more market share or increased consumer loyalty, we haven’t done our jobs. Period. This is why we have detailed scorecards and ROI calculations for our initiatives and we make it easy to part ways if you’re not completely satisfied.