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Relevention Marketing – WHAT WE DO
We are a full-service marketing agency that specializes in delivering results-based marketing strategies to growing businesses and non-profit organizations across Canada. We have been growing incredibly fast because of our unique ability to combine skills that our clients desperately need to be successful.

We have two divisions inside Relevention, Marketing and Creative. Our marketing team is a talented and specialized group of marketers with years of relevant and practical experience at some of the most respected companies in Canada. They develop the key tactics, pricing strategies, business and consumer insights, benefit focus needs, budgets, and action plans that set the foundation for results.

Our marketing team then works closely with our creative team (designers, writers, videographers, photographers etc.) to bring those strategies to the market…on time, on budget. Our creative team is experienced in bringing marketing communication collateral to life.

This unique approach coupled with our internal processes and discipline, enables us to execute with lower budgets, track results more effectively, and respond to client needs extremely quickly. idn live

For each client we work with we employ a 3-phase approach that focuses on one thing – getting results.

Phase 1 – Marketing Strategy Creation (4 – 8 weeks)
The Marketing Strategy Phase is the essential starting point for any project and where we employ our proven 8-step process. Through this process we analyze the clients and competitors product mix, target audience demo- and psychographics, price and market positioning and existing and new distribution channels.

From this we determine the most effective course of action and lay the foundation for executing promotional activities and evaluating results through the launch phase. We develop a detailed promotional activity calendar, budget and ROI calculations for targeted and precise campaign execution in collaboration with the client.

Phase 2 – Launch and Execution (10 – 20 weeks)
In the execution phase, the approved strategy and promotional plan from Phase 1 are put into motion as we work towards a pre-determined launch date. It’s in this phase that we create all the supporting marketing collateral for a campaign including websites, brochures, ads and other sales material, ensuring alignment to the organization’s brand and positioning. We work closely with suppliers and our clients to execute projects on time and within budget.

Phase 3 – Marketing Management (On-going as needed)
The marketing activity calendar is a working document that changes according to the chosen monthly Key Performance Indicator report card.

Phase 3 consists of ongoing marketing management; evaluating results and continually refining the strategy and action plan as needed. In this phase we function much like a client’s in-house marketing department would, providing pro-active and precise marketing consulting and management. slot gacor

We’re either crazy or just very good to make such a claim but results are all that matter. Sure, we like to make a splash, have a great time and produce eye-popping creative, but if all that activity doesn’t lead to increased sales, more market share or increased consumer loyalty, we haven’t done our jobs. Period. This is why we have detailed scorecards and ROI calculations for our initiatives and we make it easy to part ways if you’re not completely satisfied.

Our 8-Step Marketing Strategy was designed and developed by our founder Braden Douglas to provide medium sized organizations with a comprehensive strategy that covers the major functions of marketing while showing clear deliverables and return-on-investment.

Each strategy is custom created for each client and the depth and cost of each strategy varies on size of the industry, category, geographic territory and organizational complexity. This framework allows us to deliver Fortune 500 marketing expertise, faster, and at a lower cost than a traditional consulting firm or hiring an in-house marketing director. oxplay

The 8-Step Marketing Strategy covers the following areas and involves research, tools, and frameworks within each stage.

If you feel your organization could benefit from a clear, compelling, and actionable strategy for your organization’s marketing, please contact us. There is a no fee consultation with one of our marketing professionals who will show you how this process and system has helped numerous organizations achieve great results and breakthrough to levels of effectiveness.

Once we understand your organizations need and situation, a detailed proposal is created and an official business relationship begins if the proposal is accepted. We believe in long lasting relationships where both parties feel there is value and a true partnership exists.

Great design is an integral component to a marketing strategy that gets results. We approach design from a strategic perspective, ensuring the visual elements of a promotional plan align with the look and personality of a company’s brand and provide a clear message that resonates with the target audience. Some of the design services we provide, include:
In creating an effective brand, we consider all the factors that form a brand’s identity including features, benefits, emotional rewards and personality. This provides the foundation for designing the logo, business card and stationery of a brand, ensuring consistency in style, tone and message. slot88

We believe there are three keys to great website design – visually appealing, user-friendly and clear messaging. Within a few seconds of landing on a website, an individual should be able to determine what the purpose of the site is and the action they are supposed to take. A great looking website is a must for any organization.

Consumer packaged goods is where it all started for us and we’ve learned that it’s a cutthroat arena where getting noticed is as difficult as standing out in a room full of models. We approach packaging with a benefit-based focus to help differentiate your products from others.

While the online age has certainly altered the role of print media in marketing, it has not abolished it. There is always a place for beautifully designed and strategically messaged print communication. In fact, some of our most effective work has come in the form of a great print campaign coupled with an online call-to-action element.

Trade shows are a place to see and be seen. But with so many people in the same place at once, standing out from the pack is a challenge. With strategic and eye-catching display materials, we strive to help you maximize your participation in industry trade shows, exhibits and other events.

Because so much of how we communicate and gather information these days is based online, we offer specialized marketing strategies that focus solely on increasing your brand awareness amongst your online target audience. The 8-step framework remains the same, but the activities include online media only. Our online marketing services include:
A great looking and beautifully functional website is the product of a strategic and systematic website development process. Our website development service process includes a site map, wireframes, keyword research, content generation, search engine optimization, design, programming, testing and the always exciting website launch.

In general, search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of strategically improving your online presence in order to appear at the top of search engine results (namely Google). As part of an integrated online marketing strategy, our strategic and well-researched SEO services will improve your search ranking.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is more than simply having a Facebook, Twitter or YouTube account. We begin with setting objectives that align with an overall marketing strategy and then create and execute social media plan that offers a constant flow of relevant and engaging content. From there, we closely monitor and manage the campaign to ensure activities are helping achieve objectives and tangible results.

Pay Per Click (PPC) management is tricky business but it can also be an effective model for online advertising if executed properly and managed closely. From Google to Facebook, we provide targeted PPC strategy, execution and management services to help achieve online objectives.

E-Commerce – opening the floodgates to an unprecedented audience of prospective buyers. Does your business offer a great product that should be sold online but you just don’t know where to begin? We’ll strategically optimize your current website (or build a new one from scratch) for a simple and smooth online purchase process.

When we’re not marketing, we love communicating and sharing with others the valuable marketing principles and life lessons we’ve learned that can help them succeed in life and business. Through speaking and seminars, we’ve had the opportunity to travel across North America, into the United Kingdom and as far as New Zealand. If you’re interested in booking a Relevention Speaker for a keynote address, seminar or workshop,Relevention Marketing also offers our own seminar series. Join our mailing list to find out when the next one is being held.

Every business we work with wants to increase sales. One of the fastest ways to get results is to change the way you communicate to your target audience about your product.

At Relevention, we use a Message Development Process that I first learned while marketing fabric softener at Procter & Gamble, and gained a deeper understanding of from the book Jump Start Your Business Brain by Doug Hall.

This process follows the typical buying behaviour of the average consumer and should be a filter for all promotional activities you create (print ads, websites, sales packages, etc.).

5-Step Message Development Process

  1. Audience Need – What need does your target audience want fulfilled?
  2. Clear Benefit – How does your product or service fulfill that need? Try to use only one large, clear benefit. There will be supporting benefits, but choose the one they care about most and you can deliver on.
  3. Reason to Believe – Why should your target audience believe you can deliver? Communicate this through testimonials or proven results, by pointing out new technology or product patent, etc.
  4. Dramatic Difference – How is what you’re offering different and better than competitors or alternatives? Effective comparisons are especially important if you’re trying to get consumers to switch to your brand.
  5. Call to Action – What do you want your audience to do? Call, email, sign up, go online, jump up and down? People are bombarded with countless advertisements throughout the day; it needs to be very clear what you want them to do and how they can get your product.

Here’s an example of the formula applied to a 30-second Tide detergent TV ad.

Audience Need: 26–45-year-old mom wants her kids’ clothes to be clean (show kids getting grass stains).

Clear Benefit: Tide will get your clothes clean.

Reason to Believe: Tide has a patented formula that removes dirt from fabric (show close-up of the dirt lifting off the fabric).

Dramatic Difference: Compared to the other leading brand of detergent, Tide gets clothes cleaner (show side-by-side comparison).

Call to Action: Choose Tide today (Tide is an established brand found at every store, so there’s no need to tie it back to a website, phone number, or direct call to action).

Try the formula out and use it to test the clarity of your messaging and increase its effectiveness. Keep tracking results and refine your message until you see success.

Some of our clients want to expand into new cities or towns but they don’t have a physical space or office. Below are 5 tactics I recommend in order to achieve a local presence without a physical office. These tactics tend to be focused on business-to-business clients but can be deployed in business-to-consumer organizations to some extent.

  1. Relationship Management
    Be prepared to be personally invested in this community for the long term. Local business owners want to ensure trust and longevity; therefore, face time at networking organizations and clubs such as Rotary, Board of Trade or Chamber of Commerce is important. Once you’re in these clubs, being active within their boards, committees and speaking engagements is key to building trust. Trade Associations are also a very good source of networking with very specific target audiences and industries.
  2. Localized Search Engine Optimization
    Ensuring your organization’s website is optimized for local search is critical. Placing the city name in search engines, such as “Financial Planning (Surrey)” or “Printing Services (North Vancouver),” is common practice for people looking for local service providers. Landing pages within the larger corporate website that focus on specific locales can help with organic search rankings. A physical PO Box in that city and a local phone number forwarded to your office can also help give a sense of local presence.
  3. Physical or Out-of-Home Advertising
    Out-of-Home (billboards, transit ads, etc.) advertising creates a trusting familiarity with residents and help generate brand awareness and loyalty. However, this rarely leads to immediate leads on its own and needs to be part of an integrated plan. Because this medium is frequency based, I always choose cost-effective OOH options over higher-priced billboards. Suppliers like REC Media are diamonds in the rough for this strategy and are able to gain national coverage.
  4. Event Marketing
    Sponsorship and event marketing can be cost-effective, and they also allow the sales team to be present with a potential audience. Charity events like galas and running races are usually cheap to participate in, and can be leveraged effectively with the right strategy. Be careful to choose the right events—there are never-ending opportunities to participate in them as every charity or organization seems to have its own gala or race these days.
  5. Local Print
    Community newspapers remain strong with consistent readership and circulation, because local families and businesses want to see their names in the paper, and the content is geared towards community activity that isn’t always prevalent on the web. Working with newspapers to create editorial or guest columns could be a good way to stretch a print spend. I typically use the papers to create awareness for a specific event, deal or activity as they are a good “call to action” medium.

We just wanted to give a warm round of applause to our client, Hardbite Potato Chips. They were named one of the “Top 10 Innovative Products” at Grocery Showcase West. It was the first time they got to show off their hot new look and their local BC brand.

Keep your eyes peeled for their new bag designs in store.

Full-service digital and offset printing one-stop shop for everything from business cards and brochures to banners and billboards. Operating out of two locations in Abbotsford, BC and Saskatoon, SK.

As a result of the recent downturn in the commercial print industry (-5% annual decline), Globe Printers was losing market share and having to cutback staff. In addition, they lacked a cohesive marketing strategy and an appealing, consistent brand identity necessary to overcome industry and economic realities needed to successfully sustain revenue.

New Brand and Messaging
→ We created a fresh new brand that was epitomized by the tagline Results Made Easy, marking a significant paradigm shift for the company. Globe transitioned from a print shop to being a leader in the print industry, offering expertise and products that help their clients generate business results.

New Distribution Channels
→ Developed and launched a comprehensive marketing plan that included a variety of media focused on creating awareness for Globe’s new brand and product offering. Advertising and promotional activities included web, bus bench ads, Globe Idea Book Vol. 1, calendars and sports facility advertising.

Relevention Marketing Solutions is a full-service marketing agency stationed in Abbotsford, British Columbia. With a team of savvy and creative marketing and design professionals, we leverage our proven 8-step marketing strategy process to deliver innovative and results-driven marketing solutions for medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations throughout Western Canada.

Founded by Braden Douglas in 2007, Relevention was established to fill the need for a relevant and results-focused marketing agency that’s able to execute on a comprehensive catalogue of marketing and design services. Since then, we’ve experienced incredible growth thanks in large part to our amazing clients who’ve passed along the word to others.

When you employ the services of Relevention Marketing, you reap the benefits of working with a crew of talented, creative and passionate individuals who love what they do and are committed to excellence. Essentially, we become your in-house marketing department that’s working to help you and your business succeed. We guarantee our client results.

Our purpose is simple—help organizations succeed.

MISSION : Enabling organizations to excel through results-based marketing.
VISION : To become the most recognized marketing services brand in Canada for growing small and medium sized organizations.

In business and in life, our goal is to embody strong moral character that is established on principles of respect, integrity, loyalty and kindness. It’s a commitment that we believe is essential to experiencing success and fulfillment in business and life.

As a service business, we believe relationships forge the foundation for success. By consistently engaging in positive and service oriented interactions with our clients and fellow team members, we strive to develop relationships conducive to helping each other excel.

We’re all about getting things done and partnering with clients in a disciplined process that delivers results. As a means of accountability, we maintain a scorecard of all our marketing activities to assess ROI and ensure objectives are being met.

In everything we do, we aspire to “wow” our clients. We’re driven to discover the game changing idea that will propel our clients to new heights and differentiate them in the market.